Conditions générales de vente

General terms and conditions


Owner: Julien Finci
Personal address: Allschwilerstrasse 91, CH – 4055 Basel

Phone number : +41 (0) 76 822 27 07
E-mail address :

General terms and conditions sold on:

Last update: 2016/08/29

  1. Contracts are arranged solely with the person named in the contract as the owner of the respective property.
  2. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 17:00. Our correspondence is closed during Swiss public holidays
  3. Handover: The apartment shall be available to the tenant as of 17:00 on the agreed rental period start date. The handover shall be completed by 11:00 on the agreed rental period start date.
  4. Key receipt: A key shall be prepared during the apartment handover.
  5. Rental property usage: The rental property may only be used to host the persons listed in the contract. Overcrowding shall permit the landlord to charge an additional fee and/or terminate the contract without notice.
  6. Rental property maintenance: Urgent repairs must be immediately referred to the contact person or directly to the owner. If nobody can be reached and more damage seems likely, the tenant must deal with the issue himself and in good faith.
  7. Rental property alterations: The tenant is prohibited from making alterations to the rental property.
  8. Rent: The rent fee are to be paid in advance at least 14 days before check-in. For bank & credit card payments, the lessee must bear all transaction costs.
  9. Deposit: A reservation fee of 300.00 CHF is due when the contract is concluded. The deposit is due on moving into the apartment (at the latest). The deposit shall be refunded after the apartment has been handed back – providing no faults are found and no payment sums are outstanding. We retain the right to use the deposit to offset damages caused by the tenant as well as tenant arrears. In the case of a tenant’s failure to fulfil his obligations prior to commencement of the rental agreement, we retain the right to withhold any payments that have already been made. The owner will not pay transactions fees for bank payments outside of Switzerland.
  10. Sublet are forbidden.
  11. Usage: The apartment may only be used for residential purposes. Professional activities are not allowed in the flat.
  12. Access and visitation rights: Management company employees may periodically enter the apartment for cleaning purposes or repairs. Unless expressly prohibited, the landlord has the right to visit the rental property without the tenant’s presence if accompanied by workmen and/or prospective tenants.
  13. Cleaning: the rented property shall be cleaned four times each month between 11.00 and 17.00. Exceptions must be detailed in the contract. The basic cleaning includes surface cleaning across the apartment, the kitchen and the bathroom as well as changing of the bed linen (not to exceed one hour). Cleaning staff shall not dispose of rubbish bags or tidy personal belongings. A 3.5-hours final cleaning is included in the rent if mentioned in the contract. In the case of heavy soiling, additional final cleaning expenses will be charged as per the additional services required. If the apartment is left in an excessively dirty state, we reserve the right to invoice for the additional expenditure incurred. The final cleaning will be considered the fourth cleaning during the final month of a rental/a one-month rental.
  14. Personal devices: Devices that require a water connection as well as stereo and cooking devices may be permitted in consultation with the owner.
  15. Internet: If mentioned in the contract, Internet access shall be provided via WiFi (wireless access). In instances of interference or failure, the owner cannot offer a temporary solution. Varying Internet usage levels – in particular if many devices are connected in the same time – may affect the connection’s speed. The owner is not responsible for hardware/software belonging to the tenant. Our hardware is of a modern standard and is intended for general web browser usage. The Internet connection is unprotected and offered at the user’s own risk. In case of prosecution the owner will give all the personal information to legal authorities. The owner makes no guarantee regarding the speed and performance of the Internet provider. To use the Internet for professional purposes, we recommend arranging a private connection with an Internet provider.
  16. Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in both the rooms and the building’s public spaces. Violations of this rule shall result in the billing of repair and cleaning costs. Smoke alarm in the flat.
  17. Termination: Indefinite rental agreements may be terminated with 30 days’ notice at the end of each month (excluding December). The termination notice must be made in writing and include a signature. The decisive factor shall be the receipt of the termination notice.
  18. Property return: The rental property shall be handed back in a good and tidy condition, taking into both account wear resulting from contractually appropriate usage and the condition of the property at the rental period’s commencement. No objects may be left in the apartment if they were not present when the rental period began. The return shall take place, along with all keys, no later than 11:00 on the rental period’s final day.
  19. Missing key: The landlord is permitted to replace/alter the lock and key/locking system at the tenant’s cost during or at the end of the rental period.
  20. Devices: The apartment is equipped with electronic devices in accordance with the service label. The tenant is obliged to handle these devices with an appropriate level of care, and is responsible for any damages that occur to them for the duration of the rental period. In the case of ambiguity, the tenant can contact the owner and receive an instruction manual. The owner must be immediately informed of any damages, and will then immediately replace the faulty device. If the tenant is liable to pay for the damages, these costs must be settled before the device is replaced.
  21. Additional costs: The tenant shall be charged for damages, excessive soiling/wear and other additional expenses.
  22. The tenant shall take out liability insurance that includes tenant damage coverage for the duration of the rental period.
  23. This rental agreement contains all agreements that have been concluded. Changes and subsequent agreements are only valid if agreed beforehand by the owner in writing or by email (digital signature).
  24. The tenant is obliged to follow the legally defined registration periods / permits and to disclose the flat the personal data of the effective occupant.
  25. Background Check: Prior to a contract’s conclusion, all interested parties will be assessed for ability to pay and subjected to an internal background check. The landlord shall take submission of the Enquiry Form as proof of interest.

Important provisions from rental law

Swiss Code of Obligations, Art. 257e, Para. 1 Where the tenant of residential or commercial premises furnishes security in the form of cash or negotiable securities, the landlord must deposit it in a bank savings or deposit account in the tenant’s name. Para. 2 In residential leases, the landlord is not entitled to ask for more than three months’ rent by way of security.

Swiss Code of Obligations, Art. 257f, Para. 1 The tenant must use the object with all due care. Para. 2 Where the lease relates to immovable property, the tenant must show due consideration for others who share the building and for neighbours.

Swiss Code of Obligations, Art. 257g, Para. 1 On learning of defects which he himself is not obliged to remedy, the tenant must inform the landlord. Para. 2 Failure to notify renders the tenant liable for any loss or damage incurred by the landlord as a result.